Praying together for: Willow Tree

Willow Tree supports families with young children in our community. It is run by Chadwell Heath Baptist Church and helps people in Barking & Dagenham and the surrounding area by providing clothes and items for babies and children up to 2 years old. It is one of a growing number of baby banks across the UK.

There are five aims of Willow Tree, which are:

  1. To share God’s love in a practical way as free clothing and equipment is provided for babies and small children to parents and families in the community that are in financial need.
  1. to seek to offer a safe, caring and welcoming environment offering hope and support. Parents and families will be welcomed with no judgement passed over their situation.
  1. to work with other service agencies across the community recognising that each has a part to play in the wellbeing of parents and their families.
  1. to seek to build on existing relationships and form new ones with those able to donate clothing and equipment.
  1. to seek to enable others to explore serving the community either directly through the Willow Tree or sign posting to other appropriate projects.


Father God I bring Willow Tree before you now. We have been blessed to do your work helping those in need during lockdown I ask for the energy needed for Jenny to continue this work and your vision for the future of this outreach. Bless all those we have helped may they know it’s through your love for them that we have reached out in their time of need and may they come to know you as a result.

  • Prayer by Willow Tree Team

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