Praying together for: Home Mission (Baptist Union of Great Britain)

Home Mission is all about helping Baptist churches and individuals to reach their mission potential and bring the love of God to their communities. It is the Baptist family purse, and each year the Union has an appeal to raise money for Home Mission.

The money raised is used to fund:

• Grants to local churches. These 200+ grants identified by regional associations include church planting, renewing local churches and mission project grants. Through Home Mission, hundreds of lives have been affected and many have found faith in Jesus.

• Regional Associations, who are engaged in missional development in their area, supporting new initiatives and churches and supporting the on-going work of churches and their ministers and families.

• Three Specialist Teams to resource churches in their work through legal, ministries and finance support. In addition, representing the mission of God in national ways such as engaging with Government and speaking out on matters of faith.

Prayer points
1. Pray that Baptist churches will be enthusiastic about supporting Home Mission and to keep updated to keep praying and giving for their work.

2. Pray for the Regional Associations as they support ministries and initiatives in various churches. For the growth of newly establishment churches in new developments, universities and remote areas.

3. Pray that pastors and working under Home Mission and their families, that they will be encouraged as they serve God under unusual and difficult circumstances.

4. Pray that Churches that Home Mission help to start in school halls and other facilities will grow to have their own places of worship.

5. Pray for the growth in the work of planting churches and projects that aim to engage with local communities to bring many people to faith in Christ.

6. Pray for wisdom and effectiveness as they speak on matters of faith while representing Christians in local and national government.

7. Pray that the monies donated to Home Mission and grants provided to churches will be used wisely for the expansion of God’s Kingdom on earth and to bring glory to God.

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