Praying together for: Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge aims to primarily help men with drug and alcohol problems, who abuse substances on a daily or several times weekly basis. There is a ladies’ centre based in Wales. The age group is 18+ years.

Teen Challenge is an inclusive organisation, admitting men from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, who have a faith or no faith. They teach basic life skills, such as responsibility, good work habits, integrity, self-discipline and ethical morality.
They prepare the students to re-enter society as good employees, husbands & fathers, functioning as ‘substance-free’ individuals. They believe strongly that as a man yields himself to God, he will change. They teach and counsel that God can change any life with an emphasis on daily practical application.


The counselling is Biblical in perspective which encourages men to function as caring and responsible adults. The ministry is based upon a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. The programme is based on inter-denominational Christian teaching.

Teen Challenge London began as an outreach centre helping to train those interested in street evangelism. They have carried on this ministry and have a custom-built bus which is operating six nights a week throughout London. They offer hot drinks & food to the homeless and drug addicts on the streets of London. They have installed a plasma screen on the bus and play testimonies of men and women who have turned their lives around.

 Prayers points

1. Pray for their work to continue to reach out and see lives saved.

2. The Reuse Furniture Centre They will continue to receive supplies of second-hand furniture to continue helping those on low income.

3. drop-in Centres located in various parts of the city will continue to operate and help those needing their support
4. Many more people will volunteer for the bus; taking the message of hope through their Street Outreach ministry.

5. More people, churches and organisations will make donations for Teen Challenge to continue providing residential support to the help desperate and hurting young men as well as expand the ministry.

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