Praying together for: Hope 4 Barking Dagenham

Hope 4 Barking Dagenham (H4BD) aims to provide an all-year seven-day emergency temporary accommodation, for around 15 people sleeping rough in Barking and Dagenham. They offer the service free of charge to guests. Guests gain support to receive:
• benefits and permanent accommodation.
• emotional spiritual care
• hands-on support.
• a safe, secure and warm place to sleep,
• a shower, clean clothes, a hot meal and breakfast
• support they need to rebuild their life
• help to deal with their problems

Praying together for: BMS World Mission

BMS works among some of the most marginalised and least evangelised people, in some of the most fragile places on earth. They aim to bring life in all its fullness through seven key ministries: church, development, education, health, justice, leadership and relief.

Praying together for: Barking and Dagenham Street Pastors

Street Pastors are a Christian response to community issues engaging with people on the streets by caring, listening and offering practical help where possible. They have a strong partnership foundation with local service providers, charities, local police and the borough council.The project was launched in Barking & Dagenham in April 2008 with Christians volunteering from a number of churches throughout the borough giving their time to making a difference in their community. The Street Pastors carry out evening patrols every two weeks on Fridays and Saturdays within various wards of the borough.

Praying together for: Home Mission (Baptist Union of Great Britain)

Home Mission is all about helping Baptist churches and individuals to reach their mission potential and bring the love of God to their communities. It is the Baptist family purse, and each year the Union has an appeal to raise money for Home Mission.

Praying together for: Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wycliffe Bible Translators aims to see all people in the world have the Bible in a language they understand well. When people take the Bible’s message to heart, they are brought to saving faith in Jesus and equipped for discipleship. Their lives are changed, and their churches grow, with lasting impact on whole communities. They want everyone to hear God speak to them as they engage with the Bible in their own language.

To date, 1.5 billion people (that is 1 in 5 people in the world), are still waiting for the Bible in the language that speaks to them best. Wycliffe Bible Translators says it is not right that some of us have free access to the whole Bible while others don’t. They have called us to action, so that Together we can change this.

Praying together for: Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge aims to primarily help men with drug and alcohol problems, who abuse substances on a daily or several times weekly basis. There is a ladies’ centre based in Wales. The age group is 18+ years.

Teen Challenge is an inclusive organisation, admitting men from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, who have a faith or no faith. They teach basic life skills, such as responsibility, good work habits, integrity, self-discipline and ethical morality.
They prepare the students to re-enter society as good employees, husbands & fathers, functioning as ‘substance-free’ individuals. They believe strongly that as a man yields himself to God, he will change. They teach and counsel that God can change any life with an emphasis on daily practical application.

Praying together for: Open Doors

Open Doors works in over 60 countries, supplying Bibles, training church leaders, providing practical support and emergency relief, and supporting Christians who suffer for their faith. In the UK and Ireland Open Doors works to raise awareness of global persecution, mobilising prayer, support and action among Christians.