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24 hours of prayer - Saturday 30th May 2020

  • 24 hours of prayer - Saturday 30th May

    We are having a week of prayer and preparation for Pentecost.  Each day a prayer reflection will be posted on the website.  This will culminate in 24 hours of prayer on 30 -31st May. In Acts 2, we read that persistent prayer in a prayer room in Jerusalem resulting in outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the Church of Christ was born on the Day of Pentecost. Over the ages, Persistent prayer has resulted in revival or growth of the Church across the...

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After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly. Acts 4:31

Please contact William by text or WhatsApp on 07818 834618 to let him know when you’d like to pray.    Click here to view available timeslots

Afterwards please share any thoughts or revelations you had in prayer, by text or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What to pray for:

1) Vision for a Renewed Church and  Community

  • How we are doing in the COVID-19 pandemic

Reflecting on the pandemic, write down your thoughts on the opportunities that the current pandemic has provided.

  • How has it changed you thinking about life in general?
  • What new skills have you learnt and how did you us them?
  • What opportunities has it provided to serve?
  • Have you made any new contacts/friends?
  • Have you reconnected with old friends/relatives?
  • What opportunities has it presented in relating with your neighbours?
  • What feelings of common purpose do you see in the church/neighbourhood/community?


reflecting on what you have written, thank God for the new and creative ways He has enabled you and the Fellowship to shine the light of Christ in the midst challenges caused by the pandemic. 

  • Life after COVID-19

Many people across all the spectrum of life agree that the world will not be the same after the pandemic. In a recent YouGov poll, only nine per cent of Britons want life to return to 'normal' once the lockdown is over. See what others are saying,

 ‘The great test all countries will soon face is whether current feelings of common purpose will shape society after the crisis.’   – Financial Times editorial

For many, this is a moment of spiritual awakening, and in the past, spiritual awakenings have so often gone hand in hand with social renewal………….And yet, as a seed falls to bring forth new life, we believe that hope is beginning to emerge from this crisis.              – Tear Fund

 “After so much suffering, so much heroism from key workers and the NHS, we cannot be content to go back to what was before as if all is normal. There needs to be a resurrection of our common life.” – Archbishop of Canterbury Easter sermon

And as churches and communities adapt to find new ways to be a light in the darkness, many are beginning to wonder what life might look like afterwards. Do you think the current pandemic is a chance to create a new normal?

As people of God we can speak prophetically to our communities, forming a vision for a way forward.


  • Reflect on what God what is revealing to you through how you are experiencing the current crisis
  • Think where God could be calling you to join in with His work after the crisis

Write down any thoughts, visions, ideas on; -

  • How God might be calling you to serve the Church and community
  • How CHBC Fellowship is being called to do to spread the Gospel. And serve the community
  • How the CHBC and our community will look like after the pandemic
  2. Pray for ill and those isolating

Write down on your Write down on your note book or post the names of persons you know are self-isolating or have contracted COVID-19. Ask God to protect, strengthen and heal them.

  1. Pray for the vulnerable

Write down on your note book or post it notes the names of people you know are elderly, have underlying condition and susceptible to COVI-19. Ask God to protect them from infection.

  1. Pray for health care workers

Ask God to give peace, wisdom and anointing our doctors, nurses, carers and to protect them for catching infection.

  1. Pray for those affected in different ways by the pandemic

Think of people you know who are affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Ask God to comfort those are grieving the loss of loved ones, to provide for those in financial difficulty because they cannot work/lost their jobs or closed business, with no food.

Think how children are affected by not going to school and spending many hours at home with parents/carers. Ask God to give parents wisdom on how to deal help the children with hoe learning and keeping them involved.

Parents especially for the children with special needs and their parents/carers.

  1. Pray for the containment of the virus

Take a moment to pray for God’s intervention in the nations most affected. Ask God to slow and halt the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

  1. Pray for local and national leaders

Ask God to give wisdom to national & local political leaders as they make decisions to protect the people.

At the end of your hour of prayer please ring or text the next person on the list to hand over to them, wherever possible.